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How we craft promotions that build brand affinity.

Promotions get a bit of a tough wrap. Giveaways. Freebies. BOGOFs. It all gets a bit tired. But these tactics cheapen what is a genuine opportunity for brands to engage with their consumers. And that’s why we only create promotions that build brand affinity.

We know that as soon as the ‘free’ is no longer on shelf, shoppers fall away. So our promotions go beyond free. We make sure our work always finds original ways to give people experiences. Experiences that make taking part the real reward. As well as the expected sales uplift, this creates greater engagement – shares, likes and trackable social reactions.

A good promotion is win, win.

We’ll never underestimate the power of a truly smart promotion. For this reason we always push our ideas beyond what’s expected. As a result traditional sales promotions can actually make their mark on contemporary culture. How can we confidently say this? Because we’re the agency behind the most successful brand promotion of all time, McDonald’s Monopoly.