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Red Bull – Self-Help Since 1987

How we created new demand for an established brand.

Red Bull was losing its wings in the face of a health-conscious, goal-driven youth.

The ever-popular energy drink has deep associations with high-octane sports and energy-expending youth culture. Yet it struggles to connect with young audiences through alternative routes. Could we carve out a new niche by targeting drinkers in offices, in particular towards the end of the working day, when people need a boost to keep them going? After all, no one wants to work late.

A lift from your daily Instagram hit.

We spotted that our target audience receive and share self-help motivational quotes to keep them going through the day. But as we know, most don’t make anyone more productive. So we poked fun at the clichéd self-help quotes that litter Instagram. Playing into the brand positioning that Red Bull ‘gives you wings’, we created the ‘Self Help Since 1987’ campaign – and Red Bull’s first ever product-centric social media campaign. Who needs self-help quotes when a can of Red Bull will see you through?

An impressive 682,000 drinkers saw Red Bull in a different light.