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McDonald’s – Festive Cups

Packaging to build sales and brand love.

The high street during the festive season is chaotic, stressful, expensive and cold. While we try to hold on to our bargains, we lose grip of that festive joy. So we created reasons to have some respite from the madding crowds and bitter weather. Using a humble throwaway coffee cup. Or ‘Festive Cups’ as they’re more fondly known to us.

To lure in stressed and weary shoppers, three adorable characters were born. Living on the McCafé cups, the welcoming trio came to life through more than packaging. Wiggles and waves breathed life into them across OOH, in-store, press and social media – taking serenity onto the high street.

The results were far from throwaway.

We saw a trend, a self-propelling expression of sanctuary as customers posted pictures of their moments of respite.

The cups helped to change McCafé perceptions, improving recommendation levels to an all-time high, as well as improving year-on-year McCafé sales by 4%. With a daily footfall of 3.5 million people, that’s a lot of warmed hands.