One city. One king-size chalice. 1.5 MILLION Twitter users helping to fill it with beer.


In a world of artificial brand tales, our audiences want real stories.

London drinkers are increasingly spoilt for choice when it comes to premium beers. There is little loyalty in this throwaway culture. San Miguel, with its incredible 125-year journey was being drowned out by brands shouting tales of origin. Yet how do you give real meaning and desire to another story about quality and heritage?


Give the throwaway generation something to treasure and a story to keep.

For the 125th birthday of San Miguel, we commissioned a painting to depict its voyage across continents, through revolutions and wars. 100,000 Limited Edition chalices were supplied to bars across the capital. Knowing they would be nicked. To celebrate their release, a king sized version was driven on its own journey around the capital. Filling up with beer every time someone tweeted #SanMiguelChalice.


2.11 Million consumers were moved to share San Miguel’s story.

As impressions via Twitter peaked at over 2 million with 550 retweets, 615 favourites, and over 1,000 replies, our stunt day activity on social allowed us to create 514,300 further impressions. Approx. 25,000 glasses were stolen. Some showing up on sites like eBay with premium price tags. Still evaluating reach and impact on sales, it’s expected to be high.