Red Bull Shout/Out

Reclaim your social media feeds. Get closer to your followers.


Who notices you on social networks? Every day sees 500 million new tweets, 1.18 billion Facebook logins and 60 million Instagram posts. Add to that Facebook and Twitter’s revenue driving paid-for content appearing in your feeds and you barely stand a chance of being heard. Red Bull’s events live through social media. The brand’s artists, athletes, influencers and followers need to communicate freely and visibly in real-time but all of the above constraints handcuff them. How could Red Bull help them?
Plus, why should Twitter’s 140-character limit hold anyone back?


Shout/Out – a world first disruptive social media tool created by the Marketing Store for Red Bull that allows you to truly take back control of your social feed. It’s completely customizable and works by letting users type in their message into the Shout/out platform on the Red Bull website. The tool then renders the words as an animated speed reading GIF, where each word appears in rapid sequential order but is still comprehensible to the human eye and brain.

Not only does Shout/Out allow you to break Twitter’s 140-word limit, but the options to customize posts with imagery before being shared across social channels, ensures users have every chance of expressing themselves with unique standout. Users’ words will cut through the clutter of boring, uninteresting or sponsored posts to get noticed by fans and peers alike. Shout/Out gives your words wings.

The disruptive platform will be used as a fun and innovative way for fans, Red Bull athletes and artists to fulfil the social potential of their experiences live from Red Bull events. Look for it across Red Bull athlete feeds as well as major sporting and music events over the next few months. Created and developed in-house, this game changing piece of innovation is yet another example of cutting-edge social media tech developed by The Marketing Store.