Moving a new generation of drinkers to help themselves to a lift at work.


Red Bull was losing its wings in the face of a health-conscious, goal-driven youth.

The ever-popular energy drink has long had firm links in high-octane sports and youth culture, yet struggles to connect with audiences in a different way. Could we carve out a new niche by targeting drinkers in offices, in particular towards the end of the working day, when people need a boost to keep them going? Well, no one wants to work late.


Chuck out the self-help manuals. A can of Red Bull is all you need.

We spotted that our target audience receive and share self-help motivational quotes to keep them going through the day. But as we know, most are corporate guff because reading a quote won’t do anything. So we poked fun at the clichéd self-help quotes that litter Instagram. Playing into the brand truth that Red Bull makes you more productive, we created the ‘Self help since 1987’ campaign.


An impressive 682,000 drinkers saw Red Bull in a different light.

By crowdsourcing self-help quotes and immortalising these with bespoke films, we created a contagious campaign. The witty videos, shared across all the major social platforms, with their simple and direct link between product and benefit, prompted a re-assessment. Each video received an average of 1,000 Instagram likes.