Millions of winners are choosing their prizes


People cherish life experiences over material possessions.

Our research revealed that our audience lives in a world overrun by labels and artefacts - inanimate and functional products. Unsurprisingly, they told us that they value experiences and memories, however minor or major, far more deeply.

Could we create memorable moments between McDonald’s Monopoly and our audience or is that a brand leap too far? Could this be a platform to refresh an eleven year old formula?


Prize Choice: select your prize

We believed that experiences should be stitched into every aspect of the campaign: offering choice through-the-line from TV and radio to social and in-store. By allowing winners to choose their prizes, at every level, we would create moments people would remember, capture and share. Our audience would be more than recipients of prizes, they would be brand participants across multiple channels before, during and after setting foot in the restaurant.

Furthermore, we felt that an experience rich six-week campaign would elevate the audience relationship from campaign fans to long-term brand lovers.

We asked the other agencies to ensure all campaign executions didn’t just message ‘choice’, but had it built in to the communication mechanics so that experiences would be created way before our audience enters a restaurant. So for TV, choice is activated through an ad campaign that gives viewers the power to choose the outcome of subsequent TV ads. Through Twitter, viewers can choose from a range of thrilling stunts inspired by the prize pool. For radio, Absolute invite listeners to choose their playlist for broadcast. Choice is more than a message – it’s stitched into every touchpoint.


In market now

We’re convinced brand scores as well as footfall will rise. Why? Each prize fuels an unforgettable story, from instant wins through to memories that will be created by higher value prizes such as activity holidays. Furthermore, the experience of selecting and winning prizes have become stories in themselves. Our social team can testify to that – they’re talking to McDonald’s decision-making audiences day and night at the moment.