The magic of childhood takes off at McDonald’s for 2.5 million viewers on social media


McDonald’s lost that loving feeling.

The role of McDonald’s in the lives of consumers has shifted over the years from a restaurant experience to a convenience service. Parents want an affordable, quick-fix meal that’s fun for kids but have little affinity with the brand. Yet today’s parents are yesterday's Happy Meal kids who once felt that excitement, a moment of brand love. Could we help unlock the love and bring the good times back?


Making people shriek with disbelief, the most contagious idea of all.

The aim was simply to give people a glimpse of the joy they felt as a kid when they totally believed that what they were seeing was something magical. A viral idea was born. Set in an ordinary Drive Thru, families were covertly captured placing an order before being told that the car in front had already paid. Their surprise and delight went sky high when this car suddenly rose into the air and floated above the queue.


The good times were truly back for 2 million viewers in first 2 days

The belief that there’s nothing more infectious than seeing a kid totally immersed in happiness, proved true. As a social strategy it hit 2.5 million impressions. In the first day alone it reached 3,200 Retweets, and over 4,200 Favourites, 1,750 shares, 8,100 Likes on Facebook. With brand lovers far outvoicing the naysayers. While momentum from press coverage led to more than 10K further views.