Live on Social – 9th February 2017


As the big four continue to compete against each other in the daily user race, YouTube is the latest to join the live video streaming party. Snapchat reported it’s biggest year in user growth last year and has opened up advertising to third parties, but will Facebook-owned Instagram continue to be the most popular platform?


YouTube opens up live streaming to users with over 10k followers
On Tuesday, YouTube took the latest step in proving that Facebook and Twitter aren’t the only big contenders in live streaming. The Google-owned channel has now opened up live streaming directly from its mobile app for users with 10k or more subscribers. The move comes about six months after the feature was first turned on for a select number of users, but will soon be rolled out more widely to all users. To top it off, the video platform has now taken Super Chat – a service that allows viewers to pay to bump up their comments to the top of the feed – out of beta. This now allows live video creators with over 1,000 subscribers in 20 countries or more to turn it on for their viewers to share their thoughts.



Twitter is now taking steps to prevent new abusive accounts, offer safer search results and shut down abusive, low-quality tweets
After much controversy around abusive accounts, yesterday Twitter launched new filters to ensure that low-quality, harassing replies are removed from users’ timeline, as well as new measures to prevent previously banned users from creating new accounts. The social platform also commented that its new ‘safe search’ feature will be more personalised to the user so that graphic and sexually explicit content will be hidden from search results, as well as any tweets from accounts they have already blocked.


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Snapchat’s user base doubled to 11.2 million last year, but will begin to slow throughout 2017 according to eMarketer report
UK social media figures from a report made by eMarketer show that Snapchat’s user base grew by 89.8% in 2016, and will be used by 13.6 million people this year. According to the report, the instant photo and video sharing app will be used by 31.8% of all UK smartphone users in 2017. Instagram’s users will grow by 18% this year to equate to a total of 14.4 million, making up about a third (33.7%) of all smartphone users in the UK by the end of the year.




Almost 100 tech companies band together in battle against Trump’s executive order to ban immigrants
Facebook, Apple, Google, Airbnb, Twitter and Squarespace are just a few of the tech giants who came together over the weekend to support a high profile legal battle against President Donald Trump’s recent executive order banning immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries. The companies have all expressed their serious concern by filing an amicus brief on Sunday in San Francisco in support of a lawsuit against Tump.




Whatsapp test Live Location Tracking in beta version of the app
The new feature, which would enable users to turn on real time location tracking for between one and five minutes to allow other users to follow their exact movements, has been spotted in a beta software for Android. There is also an option to enable the tracking ‘indefinitely’. The feature would prove useful for times when you are trying to meet up with a friend in crowded locations or for family tracking services.


Politically-engaged social media users are more likely to engage with other like-minded accounts or content
A study from thinktank Demo of over 2,000 Twitter users has revealed that users are far more likely to engage and share content from other users or accounts who carry similar political beliefs, suggesting that social media users reside in echo chambers online.


Snap has finally opened up its APIs to allow brands to advertise via third party advertisers
Early tests from Snap, which opened up self-serve advertising to more than 400 brands, proved promising when the social platform opened up its ad technology platform to allow third-party partners to advertise on the app for brands and agencies. But now the floodgates have been opened, and with clearer messaging around pricing and different options, it’s expected that more advertisers will be willing to schedule ads with Snap.



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