Live on Social – 14th April 2017


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Attack of the Clones

First, it was Instagram ‘Stories’, then Whatsapp ‘Status’, now Facebook has launched ‘Messenger Day’ – a copy of Snapchat’s 24-hour disappearing -stories. What does this mean for advertisers? Another challenge to Snapchat and a likely future string in Facebook’s advertising bow, extending the influence of their paid social network for brands. This is the third time Facebook have tried to release a Snapchat clone, but the integration with their highly popular Messenger app means this could be one to watch.

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Snapchat Grows Up (Sort of)

When you say the word Snapchat to anyone over the age of 35 you might expect a puzzled look in return – it’s an app famous for being confusing to the “olds”. However new research by eMarketer shows much of Snapchat’s growth is being driven by users between the age 45 and 54. This is driven in the U.S. by partnerships with A+E and BBC to stream content from shows like BBC Planet Earth directly to the app. However, overall 36% of Snapchat’s audience are still millennials, with the audience over the age of 34 only representing 11.3%. Does this mean your parents (or grandparents) will become regular users of the social network? Unlikely. Well, my mum does, but she’s a “cool mom”.



Facebook Deals with Fake News

Having outlined their strategy for dealing with ‘fake news’ back in February – Facebook has begun rolling out the update it says will help deal with the problem on its platform. Users can flag posts to be checked, by clicking on the options on the top-right corner and reporting a post. It will then be checked by a team of fact checkers using trusted third party platforms such as to decide if it needs to be removed.




Netflix and… Run?

A new project called “Make It,” promises to turn your favourite Netflix show character into a personal trainer who will give you friendly (or unfriendly) motivation each time you fall behind in your run. The device takes a little technical knowledge to put together and came about from a collection of fan ideas. Covering characters from shows like Orange is the New Black and Narcos, you can find instructions on how to make the kits here.



Messenger adds ‘City Guides’

A potential challenger to Foursqaure – Facebook has added a travel guides section to the ‘more’ section of its app. Tapping into social sharing, the section will show you which of your friends has visited the city and display their photos and recommendations for you to see. Social planning apps are nothing new but have never had the scale or data of a network like Facebook, who have collected every check-in, like and photo from your travelling history. You can now easily ride the coat-tails of your well-traveled friends, eat where they eat, stay where they stay and more importantly, allow brands to target their social advertising to cater to your every need. Will this succeed? With Facebook’s backing, it just might.




Harry Taylor