A unique spin on your mum


Carlsberg were looking for an exciting way to talk about Mother’s Day that would drive a reaction rather than a shrug from their social audience. Could we find a way to tap into the insight that men are far more versed at dissing other people’s mums than they are at complementing their own?


Let’s turn classic ‘your mum’ jokes on their head in a way that shows appreciation for all mums and the things they do for us. How so? By subverting generic ‘your mum’ humour with a campaign taking a more positive approach to the often-lewd sentiment.

Filmed in the fictional Mother’s Arms pub, comedians Lloyd Griffith and Tom Davis battle each other with "your mum" insults turned into positives such as "your mum is thick… thick skinned" and "your mum is so easy… going".

On top of that we invited our followers to suggest their own jokes so we could reenact them.


Over 12 MILLION people saw our video in just one day, as it spread fast across our owned social channels as well as earned media, being republished by the Daily Mirror, Huffington Post, Aol and others. The witty and alternative spin on the occasion clearly resonated in the UK and abroad, helping deliver PR value of over £100,000 and cut through with a limited production spend.