Putting books back into the hands of more than 14.6 million children.


In a generation of instant gratification, reading has fallen by the wayside.

“Britain is facing a literacy crisis which will leave nearly 1.5 million 11-year-olds unable to read properly by 2025, unless action is taken...”

– The Independent, 2014

Parents are neglecting story time because of demanding modern-day life.

They recognise that family story time is key – parents’ still value reading with over half saying their child loves story time but post-recessionary pressures of maintaining jobs and managing a domestic life have hit family reading time. They also feel they are losing the literacy battle against technology as young kids are lured by smart phones and tablets but believe technology could help improve it. We know that as a brand there is a trust and affection gap with UK families but we felt that putting books back into kids’ hands to get them reading again could help to build a relationship beyond food alone.


Make reading fun again.

Under our Happy Readers initiative, where we have been placing books into children’s hands since 2013, we acquired license rights to the fantastical Roald Dahl stories and iconic Quentin Blake illustrations. Through never-seen-before innovation, we created a voice recognition technology platform that recognizes key spoken words and enhances the reading experience with instant sound effects and animations creating a magical, memorable and family bonding reading experience. We created 8 interactive books with an immersive in-store activation, stop-frame TVC, social content and PR.


A phizz-whizzing success!

The Roald Dahl Happy Meal was a resounding success. More than 14.6 million books were put back into kids’ hands, re-engaging them in reading and reigniting cherished family moments. Moreover, 38% parents said the promotion “Significantly improved” their perception of McDonald’s. The app brought reading to people, and brought them back to discover more. Helping parents, helping kids, helping reading.