Who knew a paper cup could bring such joy over the festive season?


With the chaos that looms over the festive season, shoppers called for serenity.

The festive season has become a chaotic derby of hungry shoppers getting in each other’s way. It seems that while we tried to hold on to our bargains, we lost grip of that festive joy. Shoppers were calling for a moment to stop and unwind – a chance to indulge in a spot of tranquility and people-watch over a warm festive drink. It was therefore our mission to deliver an escape from the cold and hectic high streets.


Give weary shoppers a moment of peace and respite.

To lure in the stressed and weary shoppers, three adorable characters were born. Living on the cups, the welcoming trio came to life through more than just the packaging. Endearing wiggles and waves breathed personalities into them on OOH and in-store digital screens – taking serenity out onto the high street.


The nation fell in love with the characters and embraced their festive spirit.

Unprompted, we saw a trend, a self-propelling expression of sanctuary. People captured their moments of respite and shared them. The cups helped to change McCafé perceptions, improving recommendation levels to an all-time high. Over the festive season we saw a daily footfall of more than 3.5 million people. The McCafé range saw a 4% year-on-year sales increase per store over the promotional period. Better yet, in the festive launch week alone, drinks saw a 6% year-on-year sales increase. That’s a lot of warmed hands.