CARLSBERG #probablythebestuseofyourtubecard

As London stood still, one simple idea moved millions to engage.


Declining sales and low spontaneous brand awareness? Probably the best time to think small.

Carlsberg knew that it needed to change the way it spoke to its core audience and appeal to new drinkers. Yet, research showed the legacy of the iconic advertising lines, ‘If Carlsberg did…’ and ‘Probably the best…’ resonate with beer drinkers. Could it become the perfect platform for Carlsberg to have a point of view on topical matters?


Londoners face yet another disruptive 24 hour tube strike? Cheers!

As all brands are expected to hijack obvious calendar events, we saw the opportunity for Carlsberg to do the opposite. We would chase more surprising dates but with equally strong social relevance to drinkers. On Tube strike day we released a very short film, #probablythebestuseofyourtubecard, showing an Oyster Card being used as a bottle opener onto Vine, Facebook and Twitter.


Over 6 MILLION Londoners laughed in the face of industrial strike action.

In one day, one piece of content spread like wild fire across ‘free’ owned and shared media. Even making The Daily Mail’s front page and capturing The Telegraph’s imagination. Delivered a 31.5% engagement rate on Twitter, (versus industry average of 2-5%). We generated over £120,000 in PR value for very little production cost. An opportunist beer brand became a light-hearted social commentator, delivering brand awareness, fame and talkability far beyond the beer category.