The greatest sub ever would mean you getting in on the action


Fans are tribal and international tournaments evoke a desire to be part of the national team. Twitter has always had a strong audience of football fans, providing huge reach potential for brands and consumers alike during major tournaments. However, too often engagement is fleeting around game hashtags and brands struggle to break through the noise. As the official Euro 2016 sponsor, how could Carlsberg engage fans on a deeper, more meaningful level and transform awareness into participation?


If Carlsberg did substitutions… they would probably be the best in the world.

We invited football fans to swap their typical rituals for premium ones, taking their place on the Carlsberg bench, ready to be subbed on to win a host of amazing Euro 2016 experiences. Once fans were subbed on to the bench, they automatically received direct messages at key moments throughout the tournament around prize draws and larger activations, creating an exclusive supporters' club and making them feel part of a bigger team.

This served as a platform to deliver content, acted as a rallying call for fans and drove deeper engagement using DMs and Twitter Ads. Prizes were game day themed and included chances to substitute your game day BBQ for a professional chef, or your regular shirt for one signed by the entire England team.


The Carlsberg bench took on a life of its own, with #SubMeOn receiving over 37 million impressions alone - the vast majority of which were organically generated. Consumers began to adopt campaign language, and Carlsberg’s channels were flooded with user generated content from fans showing their support for the England team, urging us to sub them on.

The Carlsberg Twitter following grew by 30% during the campaign, with a 95.4% retention rate. We sent a total of 17,427 DMs, with followers being consistently highly engaged throughout the tournament. Large numbers of interactions were held privately over DM, as well as with our published social content, with less than 5% of people unsubscribing from our campaign messages.

Traditional advertising can deliver brand positioning messages for 'If Carlsberg did', but Twitter is a unique platform that doesn't just say it, it brings to life a brand promise to consumers.