Solving the nation’s greatest football problem


When England and Wales were drawn in the same Euro 2016 group, retailers and publicans across Britain rubbed their hands in glee. But when the fixture list was revealed, fans learnt that the mouth-watering clash was scheduled right bang in the middle of the working day - 2pm Thursday 16th June. Carlsberg needed a way to tap into what the fans wanted: time off from their boss to watch the game.


Enter Carlsberg, the fans’ greatest supporter. We introduced the Committee Against Real Life Situations Blocking England’s Rallying Games, a fake institution commissioned to assess workforce productivity. The result of the study? The ‘90 Minute Break’, the single most effective way to improve output at the office. On match day, C.A.R.L.S.B.E.R.G. took a one-page advert in The Metro citing the research. The ad served as a letter and gave staff a case to lobby employers for time off. All they had to do was sign it, cut it out and hand it to their bosses. A movement started. Social media was awash with photos of signed letters on bosses’ desks. Our print ad sparked a self-propelling campaign. Thankfully, England delivered with an injury time winner. Best to stop here.


1.3 million #90MinuteBreak impressions were made on Twitter during the week running up to the England vs. Wales game. The image of C.A.R.L.S.B.E.R.G.’s research results graph spread far organically on LinkedIn, with over 153,600 impressions and over 500 comments, proving to be a truly shareable piece of content within the workplace. The advert was shortlisted in The Drum Content Awards 2016 for ‘Best use of Print in a Content Marketing Campaign’.