Moving 13.6 million music lovers with exclusive live music experiences.


What does it mean to be ‘cool’ today?

We live in a world of over-sharing on social platforms. Our audience may see themselves as cool, but they would never admit it. Our role was to help them demonstrate it by giving them genuinely cool moments to shout about. Could we do this whilst credibly linking five drink brands for consumers who have no previous perception of their connection?


Born to be chilled, the name that spoke volumes.

We named the range in a way that describes our audience then gave them the currency they needed to prove that they’re cool: exclusive music from well known bands. Working with XFM we held limited access gigs, and enlisted bands like The Kaiser Chiefs and The Kooks to launch their album through us. Finally, we encouraged our fans to post their experiences online.


Shifting an applause-worthy million more pints in ASDA alone.

Our audience reach, through radio and press, hit 13.7 million and 441 influential individuals created almost 2 million hashtag impressions. From nowhere, we had named and launched a new product range then turned it into a music publisher. Simply by recognising our audience’s desire to be seen as cool.