adidas Tango League London

Getting Adidas closer to unreachable urban footballers


When you are young, star player endorsements work. You want to be like Messi or Suarez so buy their boots. But as you get older, the centre of gravity shifts. You cease to look upwards to footballing idols and start to look around you to social peers for guidance.

Historically, adidas failed to track this change resulting in losing relevancy among the key 16-24 demographic who play football with a passion but don’t engage with traditional channels: they don’t attend Premier League matches, don’t watch Match of the Day and ignore traditional advertising.

To get back on track, the brand needed to engage with them via this audiences’ influential social peers: their mates, fellow players, captains, DJs, graffiti artists etc.


adidas TANGO League, a street football league recruited through social media.

Tapping into local urban football communities, our teams were recruited via a combination of postal and Whatsapp invitations. Our captains were placed at the centre of the story that unraveled across social channels. We treated them like endorsed stars, as though they were their own versions of their Premier League heroes. Captains and players were empowered to share their match experiences across their social channels. The content was theirs to control.

On top of this, we created exclusive moments for our football creators that only adidas could deliver, such as surprise appearances from iconic football starts and music talent at each of the events. Dynamic game footage showcasing the teams, key goals and skills was made available to, and filmed by our creators to share across their own channels. The street football audience had something more to follow other than the tournament coverage.


News and interest around the TANGO League built quickly across social, reaching more than 6.1 million users. During the 8 week campaign, players and fans sent over 1,000 tweets and posted more than 600 times on Instagram. We amplified interested in the TANGO League and, most importantly, fueled anticipation for future leagues in next generation captains.